Halloween Toddler Reads

Halloween Reads

Halloween has been a life long love and now as a mother, my daughter doesn’t have a choice in the matter. I will indocturn her into the seasonal love of Halloween reads. What I’m reading to my toddler this month:

Funnybones by Allan Ahlberg & Andre Amstutz

My dear dear funny bones. Do you remember books? Do you remember the TV show? Do you remember the amazing intro:

“In a dark dark street is a dark dark house and in the dark dark house there is a dark dark cellar and in the dark dark cellar live some…skeletons!”

It’s great getting to know the Funnybones characters all over again: Big, Little and Dog and their crazy adventures. My daughter loves it, once a story is finished she wants it to read again…..which means I get to read the intro again, happy times.

Meg and Mog by Helen Nicoll and Jan Pienkowski

Meg and Mog, the beloved witch and her stripy black and white cat. My daughter loves staring at all the pages with their bright colors, shapes and sounds mummy makes in weird voices. It really is great for helping her learn her colors and shapes. I’ll be halfway through making a noise before her little pointy finger comes out pointing at a shape or color as she says its name. The book may have been written in the ’70s but it hasn’t aged a day! Dear daughter doesn’t know it was made into a cartoon yet…..

Let me say, as I turn each page the nostalgia is hitting me in the face like a pumpkin pie fight, whats better…..my baby’s loving every word and every picture. Heart cuddles!

Now for the reads, dear daughter chose last year when we went book hunting. They are modern so unfortunately no nostalgia for me but the wee baby might have, with her babies one day!

Pop-Up Peekaboo Pumpkin by Clare Lloyd & Victoria Harvey

Pop-Up Peekaboo Pumpkin is the Halloween festive book from the vast Pop-Up Peekaboo series. Dear daughter has always loved this series as it does what it says on the tin. Each page has a large flap to lift and a Halloween surprise behind each. The story centers around each character looking for the next. I’ve considered buying multiples of this book….its went through a lot and is mostly held together by tape. Either because of my hard work or the bond dear daughter has created to each rip I haven’t been able to part with it yet for a newer copy.

Creak! Squeak! Halloween by Clare Lloyd & Dawn Sirett

Another by Lloyd! This one is very similar to the previous, Pop-Up Peekaboo Pumpkin. A lot of the characters are the same and the characters are still searching for each other behind large flaps. The locations are different and the highlight of the book. It makes noises! Dear daughter loves this! In fact, she loves it so much she imitates the noises…definitely not disturbing at bedtime with the lights off…

Always read to your kid, you rediscover child you and get to see the book again for the first time through their eyes.

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