Top 5: Urban Paranormal Books of 2019

Introducing Amy! My best friend and guest contributor for this article. A great lover of books, especially the genre of Urban Paranormal. Christmas is coming and the end of 2019 so Amy, introduce yourself and give us your Top 5 Urban Paranormal reads of 2019!


I didn’t always love to read – at 7 I was diagnosed with Dyslexia. My mum did a lot of work with me in order for me to learn techniques to work with and around my Dyslexia. One of the best things she did was to get me to read on a regular basis; safe to say it wasn’t as easy as giving me a book and telling me to read but she persevered and found something I would read with very little prompting (the Adventure Series by Enid Blyton for those that were wondering) and once I started there was no stopping me! I have been asked to review my top 5 books of 2019 from my favorite genre Urban Paranormal.

5. Electric Curse- Stacy Brutger

Cover Image supplied by Stacey Brutger

I had just happened upon this series one day, and I’d read 3 books in a row before I knew it! I have thoroughly enjoyed this universe and all its characters. This book is the end of the series, which I hadn’t realized until the very end! This book managed to round up the questions that had been brought up in previous books. However, I also feel this book has raised more questions; for me, I would like to know what happened to the super soldiers. Did they join the supernatural community? Did they find a way of fixing what was done to them in the labs and not just slowing it down? Does Raven continue to work with the council in a private-eye capacity or does she take on a larger role? And does she learn more control of the shifting and powers? I feel that the book is a bit open-ended.

I like the introduction of Bear into Raven’s group of main men, but I feel it was a bit rushed to add him as this was the last book and we didn’t really get to see the same dynamic with them as with her other men.

I would love to read any novellas that she may (nudge-nudge) end up writing, as I feel this universe she has created has so much more to offer!

4. Sweep of the Blade – Ilona Andrews

Cover Image from Goodreads

My sister was the one to introduce me to this series. I had seen it pop up in my Kindle’s suggestions and never took the plunge, but once I did I blew through the first 3 books and waited impatiently for the fourth.

I really enjoyed seeing what had happened to Maud and Helen and learning more about the vampire culture and Maud regaining her place in it. The action sequences are detailed and vicious and everything you would want in a fight scene! In this book you also learn more about why Maud and her daughter were exiled, and how this has helped to define both of them, especially Helen as she has demonstrated a few times how ferocious she is, even in comparison to other vampire children. The finale is a great start for the next book, and I can’t wait to delve into this world again. My only complaint is the length of time between each book, though fortunately I’ve not been reading this story for as long as my sister, so I haven’t had to wait nearly as long!

3. Grave Destiny – Kalayna Price

Cover Image from Goodreads

I have thoroughly enjoyed the world Kalayna has created. In this latest book, she shocked me with the death of the main heroine’s nemesis, the Unseelie Queen of the Winter Court, which makes me wonder who is going to become Alex’s opposing force. Is this a build-up to a greater foe or obstacle to overcome? I do miss Death’s presence somewhat though he is understandably backing off, but now that the major block between Alex and Falin is gone I hope we see more of them together and see what dynamic their relationship will take now that Falin is King. I also wonder how Dugan will fit into Alex’s life as he has made it pretty clear he considers her his betrothed. My only gripe is the wait between books – I need to read more about this world!

2. Siren’s Song – Karen Chance

Cover Image supplied by Karen Chance

This is another series I have been with this series since the start, which I began in 2006. There are two things I really enjoyed in this story. The first is that it is told from the point of view of Pritkin, a main character in the storyline. The majority of the books are centered around Cassie Palmer, our main protagonist. The second is that it is a brother-book to Dragon’s Claw (which is told from the point of view of Dory). I loved the different perspectives of the story- it began and finished so differently from Dragon’s Claw it really added to the whole adventure.

This book shows that though Cassie is where the story started and she is vital to the war, there are other strong characters that are just as important. In this story, Cassie was not needed at all to avert disaster (not that she doesn’t get into enough trouble on her own!). I loved seeing two characters who are usually in different storylines interact and bring Cassie’s and Dorina’s storylines together!

1. Storm Cursed – Patrica Briggs

Cover Image from Goodreads

I have been reading this series since it first came out 15 years ago. I have enjoyed every book but this one has given me a few surprises, which I think is hard to do with a long-running series, as you get to know the characters so well, as well as the flow of the story.

In the previous books, we learn a lot about the dynamics and politics of the wolves, vampires and the fey, and although the witches have featured heavily in previous books it has only included one grey witch family, so this is the first time we meet witches outside this family.

Now, this wasn’t the surprise though. The first surprise came when a long-running character died. He had been there since the first book. He was not a main character but someone who was in the background, one of the pack you could picture and know something about, as although you know quite a few of the pack there is an impression in the books that the pack is much larger than just the characters you know, and it was nice to picture him amongst a sea of many and know a few things about him e.g. his dislike of Mercy.

The second surprise is the death of our main witch, who again has been with us since the very first book! These deaths were written in so naturally, I could not conceive the story being any other way.